Union Gospel Mission – Christmas Outreach








Items Needed for Men only:

Shampoo, Bar Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shaving Cream, Disposable Razors, Deodorant, Aspirin, Pain Relievers, Anti-biotic Ointment, Bandages, Toilet Paper, Twin Sheets, Pillow Cases, Bath Towel, Wash Cloths, Reading Glasses, Pens, Paper, Underwear, Undershirts, Pajamas, Socks, Clothing, Dress Clothes, Coats, Shoes, Boots, Winter Gloves, Winter Caps, Bibles (KJV) Lg. Print

Donations may be brought in through — Sunday, December 9.

The Union Gospel Mission is a men’s faith-based,  residential,  program that helps individuals with life-controlling issues find their purpose in life through a personal relationship with Christ.

UGM started in 1950 and has been serving the homeless community in Chattanooga and the Tri-State area for over 65 years providing over 2 million meals, 1 million shelter sleep nights, and over 1 million hours of community service.

Our  focus is : Meeting Needs, Making Change and Magnifying Christ!

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