About Us

We are a growing, active church that welcomes all people to worship,
enjoy fellowship together, and unite with us in our ministries. We seek to follow Jesus Christ
as we serve our community & the world around us.

We believe Church can happen anywhere not just when we’re sitting in a pew.
When we offer help, thats putting beliefs into action  —  That’s Church!


To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!



The Congregation shares. . .

I feel God Here
— Cheryl Smith

Fairview is a small neighborhood church
that offers a traditional church service.
The people are welcoming, friendly,
and make you feel like family. At Fairview it
is so comfortable it feels like home.
— Suzanne Mortimer

I’ve been coming to Fairview for over 60 years.
I love this small church. The people are like family & really care
about each other. Fairview is a very mission minded church &
they do numerous projects during the year that help the community & people
who may have various needs.
— Becky


One thought on “About Us

  1. Harold French says:

    The folks at Fairview are down to earth and very caring. God is working at this church through it’s members. The church participates in several outreach ministry projects for the community…and I do mean several! I am happy to be a member of this church.


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