Pastor’s Corner – November


Have you had enough, yet?  As I watch the campaign ads for one candidate and then the other in this year’s political election frenzy, I am cut to the core by the amount of abuse they heap upon each other.  While I am aware that political campaigning has, seemingly always, used a considerable amount of invective and inuendo to differentiate one from one’s opponent, this year’s level of attack has set a new high (or low).  And I thought it was bad two years ago.

That being said, I am glad that we will soon enter the season of Advent.  It always fills me with hope that we can learn how to live peacefully with all of God’s creation.  The one born in Bethlehem, the only begotten Son of God, Jesus the Messiah (Christ) came to help us rightly connect with the Creator.  His life and teachings remind us that the way to peace and joy in our lives does not come from having the “right” people in elected positions.  Instead, we experience peace and joy when we follow Jesus’ example of extending love and mercy to all.

I love the song, Let There be Peace on Earth.  It reminds me that if I want something bad enough, I must make it a priority for how I live.  In order to experience peace and joy in my life, I must treat others as though it is a priority for them, too.  Taking that to the next step, if I am inconsistent in how I treat others, I cannot expect others to act in a consistent manner with me.

And, so, I move into the last part of 2018 hoping and praying for a season of peace and joy and struggling to make it a priority for how I live with others.  I know that nothing gets better just by our wanting it to change.  Instead, it takes consistent and persistent effort on our parts to be the change we desire.  Therefore, it is my invitation to you to join with me in extending the love and mercy that we want to receive from others.  May the lives we lead be the witnesses to the love of God that others are seeking.


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