Weddings at Fairview

Fairview offers you & your future spouse a place to gather with family & friends for a small church ceremony that will mark the beginning of your new life together. We have a beautiful sanctuary, several rooms for changing & preparations, a fully equipped kitchen and fellowship hall for receptions.

Download a copy of our wedding rental agreement here: Click here to download

Fee Schedule

Security Deposit                $400    (held until after wedding and church staff walk through)

Wedding                               $650

Pastor available upon request. For non-church members there will be an additional fee.

To secure a date for your wedding on the church calendar a completed Wedding Rental Agreement with Security Deposit is required. Wedding events may not interfere with regularly scheduled church activities. All weddings dates must have the approval of the church Pastor before the completed Wedding Rental Agreement with Security Deposit is sent in. If using an outside officiating pastor, direct contact must be made with the Fairview Pastor prior to completion of the agreement.

The Security Deposit covers the church property, building and its contents for possible repairs, reorganization or cleaning that goes beyond what would be considered as normal. If the church is returned to the same condition as before the wedding, all of the Security Deposit will be returned within ten working days after the date of the wedding.

The remainder of all fees is due 60 days before the date of the wedding. Should the wedding date be cancelled, all but one hundred dollars of the Security Deposit will be returned.

The basic Wedding Fee includes:

1. Use of the church for ten hours for rehearsal, wedding, reception and cleanup

2. Use of the sound system, piano, and organ

3. Fee is the same if the church facilities are used only for the wedding ceremony

The Rehearsal dinner option makes available both the Fellowship Hall and kitchen after the rehearsal, if desired. It includes the use of tables and chairs, the kitchen ovens and appliances and sinks. It does not include the use of plates, cups, utensils or the cleanup and removal of garbage from the kitchen and Fellowship Hall. (Cleanup and removal of garbage will be the responsibility of the wedding party for rehearsal dinners.)

The Reception option makes available both the Fellowship Hall and kitchen for a wedding reception following the wedding ceremony, if desired. It includes the use of tables and chairs, the kitchen ovens, appliances and sinks.

A Few Guidelines


  • No alcohol is permitted on the premises.
  • Rice, birdseed, and confetti are not permitted.
  • The church is a smoke free facility.
  • Furniture in the sanctuary is not to be moved, with the exception of the pulpit, lectern and baptismal font.
  • You may not move the piano, organ or communion table.
  • The church is not responsible for lost items. (You may call the church to enquire about missing items that may have been turned in.)
  • Behavior appropriate to a church setting will be appreciated.

Assigning people to perform specific functions will help your wedding go smoothly. (These people are not provided by the church.)

For a typical wedding you will need:

  • Guest book attendant
  • Punch and coffee servers
  • Two parking attendants
  • Candle lighters if candles (non-drip) are used
  • Ushers
  • A person assigned to move flowers to reception
  • A person assigned to transport wedding gifts from the church

The format and order of the wedding ceremony and the accompanying program are the responsibility of the bride and groom.


It is our desire that your wedding ceremony be a meaningful and joyful experience. Thank you for allowing us to play a part. May it be a great start to an even greater marriage. God’s blessings to you in Christ.

Fairivew UMC, 2016
Parts of this agreement used with permission by First Congregational Church of Maltby, Snohomish, WA