Pastor’s Corner – March


Have you ever thought about just how much God loves you?  Getting to spend time with our newest grandchild has reopened my eyes to the immense love that God pours out upon us each and every day.  I am not sure that I can identify all of the ways, but here are a couple that I have noticed.

We get to see and interact with our grandson a couple of times most weeks.  Due to the limited number of visits, he is not super comfortable with spending time with us when mommy is not around.  Tears and crying convey his lack of comfort, but that does not stop us from holding him and doing what we can to distract and entertain him.  That is how we show him love.

It reminds me of the times when I was not super comfortable around God.  Fearful that he would condemn or abandon me led me to act standoffish or defensive.  Unfortunately, that also meant that I had feelings of distrust and fear around other people, including people who identified as Christians.  Interestingly, that did not stop God from showing me, or anyone else that I know, unconditional love.

After our grandson has worn himself out complaining about how unfair it is to have to live without mommy holding him, he will usually quieten and take a little nap upon one of our shoulders.  We may not be mommy or daddy, but we’ll do in a pinch.

I believe that God offers us that same sweet place of rest when we have worn ourselves out over difficult days and circumstances.  The cause for our complaining may not have been taken care of, and we may still be afraid that there is more trouble looming in the distance.  Does that stop God from comforting us and reassuring us that we are not facing our troubles alone?

Now, at some point, our grandson will come to recognize that we can be trusted and will readily accept our offers to spend time together, but it won’t be because we made him.  No, it will happen when he decides that we are ok.  At that point, we will get to build a loving relationship that allows everyone to feel secure.

In the same way, God allows us to decide when we will trust him.  The slow journey to where we feel safe and secure in his presence will free us to release our distrust and fear, and embrace a love that we can then share with all of his children.

Our grandson will eventually learn that he can trust us to always love him.  Isn’t it wonderful that God had done that very thing for us?  Aren’t you glad that we get to be one big loving family?  I know that I am.


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