Pastor’s Corner – August


What are you doing tomorrow?  Strange question?  I don’t think so.  Each day seems to slip away so quickly and often the most that we have to show for it is exhaustion.  If we are lucky, we will have used the day to be with the ones that we love.  Otherwise, it may have just used us.

Jesus makes a point of telling the disciples (Luke 12:22-34) that our chasing after the “stuff” of this world will have very little impact on the life that God has for us.  “Stuff” will not enable us to live longer, neither will it contribute to any sense of joy.  Instead of striving for the “stuff” of this world, maybe we should be investing our time in seeing that each day is used to its fullest extent through loving our family, friends, neighbors, and yes, even our enemies.

There is a lot of energy expended trying to make sure that we end up in heaven.  Many believe that this is a reward for having lived a good life.  I wonder, though, when Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven has come among you, is he not talking about the here and now?  If that is the case (and I believe it is), then our daily living is actually a part of heaven if we use it to live in and share God’s presence with others.

So, this is a short Gleanings… article because I want you to use your time to do something that expresses your thanks for heaven, here and now.  If you have missed talking with an old friend—don’t forget the young ones—do what will bring joy to both of you.  Find a way to show and share love.  Find a good vantage point and take in the beauty of creation.  Sit quietly with a loved one or sing and dance with wild abandon until laughter overtakes you.

Life is what you make it; choose heaven for yourself and those around you will live in it, too.


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