Pastor’s Corner – July


Much has been written over the years about the gifts that we receive from God.  There are the fruits of the Spirit.  There are the gifts of family and relationships.  We cannot forget the gifts of this great world we live on with all the beauty it holds.  But there is another gift that I would like to give thanks for and that is the gift to simply BE.

Think about it for a minute.  You ARE.  You are here.  You are loved.  You are a gift and a blessing.  No one else can take your place.  No one else can do what you are able to do.  No one else has the relationships that you do.  You are uniquely you and you are enough.  In God’s eyes and in ours, you are perfect.

When was the last time that you knew the gift of you for the world?  Does something have to happen before you feel appointed to this moment in this place?  Does someone have to speak words of assurance?  We read in the creation stories in the book of Genesis that God spoke all things into BEing.  We have the added visual of God forming humans after God’s image and then breathing God’s spirit into us.  We are carefully and gently made to BE the image of God upon the face of the earth.  With no two of us exactly alike, each person is essential to the seeing and knowing of God in us and among us.  Indeed, nothing else is required.

Let me add a bit more confirmation.  The things that you do today will not be done by anyone else.  The gifts you give, the kindness you show, the mercy and forgiveness you demonstrate will not come from another person.  Only you have the relationships that will allow your life to shine with God’s love before your friends.  They may see these qualities in other people, but your presence is what will assure them that it is real and can be trusted.

So, take a moment today to stop and give thanks to God for allowing you to BE a light to your corner of the world.  While you are at it, give thanks for all the other people who are being what God intended them to be in their corner of the world.  God needs all of us to BE the hands and feet of God; the arms and smile of God; lights shining to light the way for others to see God.  I give thanks for all of you and for all the other people who are doing the best that they can to follow God’s call for their lives.

May we allow ourselves the grace to do what God has asked us to do and to be what God has asked us to be without thinking that we are somehow supposed to be more.  Today, and every day, take a moment to give thanks to God for letting you BE.  Then ask God how you can better follow God to help others know their giftedness.  Together we will BE the bearers of the Good News to all.

Be at peace,

Pastor Braxton ><>

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