1. Day Brighteners from Fairview

During this time our members have been sharing “day brighteners” for all to enjoy.

What a beautiful day I’ve had! First, one of my sons dropped by as far
    as my driveway to deliver a couple of item that I needed and that he had,
    so I got a wave and kisses thrown from one of my Ooltewah grandsons.

    Next, a call from Braxton checking on the old folks. Yep, we are still here
    and hanging on as best as we know how.

    I had a pretty severe case of cabin fever so I decided to go over to Greenway
    farm and walk a couple of miles if there weren’t too many people around.
    Very un-crowded for such a nice day so I hit the trails. I bumped (not
    literally) into Kathy and Terry Worley being led around by a furry beast of
    some kind. We had a nice chat at a safe distance from each other.

    Finally, later today I had a driveway visit from another Ooltewah grandson
    who came by to pick up a couple of item that I had for his dad. He sped
    away in his topless BMW, enjoying the bright sunshine. I looked out my
    window and got a big wave from him.

    My point is that we should all thank God for all of these small blessings that
    we receive every day and  don’t even think about them until they are
    missing from our daily lives as we go through troubled times like we are now.

    Praying that we all get back together soon,
    Bill S.

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