Zimbabwe Mission Project!

We are collecting home buckets for needy people in Zimbabwe.

Hands-On Missions for Zimbabwe

The following items should be packed in a new

5-gallon bucket with a lid.

1 bottle hand sanitizer (10 oz. or less)

1 bottle toilet cleaner (24 oz. or less)

1 laundry detergent, liquid or powder (40 loads or less)

1 bottle dish liquid (25 oz. or less)

1 bottle shampoo (15 oz. or less)

1 spray deodorant  (7 oz. or less)

1 bottle antibacterial hand soap (10 oz. or less)

1 roll paper towels (individually wrapped package)


Please do not vary from the sizes listed above.

We will be happy to shop for you.  Place your donation

In the offering and mark the envelope – Mission Project

We estimate the items and 1 bucket will cost $18.00

Donations of any amount are appreciated.  Thank You!

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