Paster’s Corner: October


The longer I live, the more I see me doing some of the same things my parents used to do.  The latest activity I have noticed is the way I cut things from the newspaper.  As I look at the paper, I see articles that I want to read again and share with others.  Serving as a pastor, I am always on the lookout for articles that I pray will help me carry out my calling.  By now, you can see where this is going.  As I get to write this monthly column, I find that I want to share them with you.

The latest headline to catch my eye is 9 behaviors that will definitely make you an irresistible person*.  Knowing that I can use all of the help I can get, I read on.  Here is a synopsis of the nine behaviors the author identified.  Irresistible people…

  • are nice to you.  No airs, no pointing to their own success, no one-upmanship; they have a confidence in who they are that comes across as kindness.
  • know their worth.  They know their greatest attribute and it allows them to appear quiet, resolute, and confident.  We enjoy their company.
  • make you feel comfortable.  They do not ask you to be someone you are not and they do not try to change you.  They look for the good in you.
  • avoid drama and negativity.  Nobody likes pessimistic, down-beat types.  We like to be around people who lift our spirits.
  • elevate others.  They love to give compliments.  They share the credit and are quick to share a kind word or help out.  They make life pleasant for others.
  • don’t compete; they collaborate.  They do not look around to size up the competition, but with the intent to find others with whom they can build a partnership.
  • are not afraid to be vulnerable.  We desire deeper, more sincere connections with others and their willingness to talk about the tough parts of their lives allows us to share ours.
  • accentuate their strengths.  Stronger, intentional words impact our moods and help us to live with confidence.  Playing up one’s talents versus complaining about weaknesses changes how others perceive us.
  • make an effort.  They make the effort to look presentable.  They take the time to prepare before meeting.  They are gracious and it encourages others to do things with a little more effort, too.

Did you notice the relatedness of these qualities?  To me, they present an image that is remarkably like that of Jesus.  Go back and read through the list again, but this time replace “irresistible people” with “Jesus” making changes for singular versus plural.  Did you notice how you found yourself nodding and thinking, “Yes, that’s what Jesus is to me”?  Now, can you imagine what others will think about Jesus when they see these qualities in you?

The world needs more of Jesus; how wonderful that we can share him through these little efforts to be nice to others.

Grace and peace,

Braxton ><>

*Article printed in the Times Free Press and is the work of Susie Moore, Greatest’s life coach and is edited for brevity.

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