Paster’s Corner: September


As we have just completed a month-long study of the book, Get Their Name, I think it is appropriate to ask, “So, what did you learn?”  Many who took time to read the book and participate in small group studies and worship during August reported there was very little that was new information.  For the most part, the book reinforced what we already knew—if you want to reach new people, you must talk with them.

Simple enough in concept, but reportedly more difficult to implement which is why the authors took the time to write this book.  Their experience was much like our experiences.  People know this is what they must do, but there are so many things that get in the way of actually doing it.  The result is that few uncommitted people hear there is an answer for the hurts, struggles, and hopelessness in their lives

I expect that if pain, unending struggle, and hopelessness were all we had to look forward to day after day, we might think we were living in hell.  Imagine what it’s like for those who have not experienced the love of God.

Here, then, are a few things I pray we learned from our month-long study.

  1. Every follower of Christ Jesus has a story of how they experienced healing, help, and hope when she or he needed it most.  Many of us have shared these stories but only with other Christ followers.
  2. Other people are going through the same difficulties that we experienced and were helped out of.  They need to hear our stories so that they might have hope and be encouraged to share their stories.
  3. Most people will only share their story once they are convinced no one will make fun of them or think they are weird.  In other words, only with those who have gained their trust.
  4. Trust grows within a committed relationship.  Taking the time to get to know someone shows we care.  Showing we care opens the door for an offer of a relationship with God.  God wants to give His love to all.

Whatever we can do to foster a relationship so that people are open to hearing about God’s love is well worth the effort.  As we have discussed, feeling isolated is like living in hell and no one wants or deserves that.

May God lead you to someone today who needs to hear your story.  May you help them to know and to love God as you have.

Get their name.

Braxton ><>

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