Paster’s Corner: July


Let me start by asking you a question: What is your favorite part of being a member of this congregation?  Is your favorite our weekly worship service?  Maybe you enjoy being part of a small group more than anything else.  What about serving others through an outreach or missional activity?  Most people find their greatest sense of identity with Jesus through one of these aspects of congregational life and it is important to know which one is yours.


When it comes to promoting the message of God’s love before others, you will naturally choose one of these ways for your witness.  This adds authenticity to your words because you will be able to share how God has transformed your life through a worship, group, or service experience.  People want to hear that there is power here.  They want to know that following Jesus really makes a difference.  They also prefer to participate in something that is drawing others to it.  Activity generates activity.

But what happens when your favorite aspect of congregational life does not match with the needs of the person you are talking with?  Rather than let that opportunity slip away, why not share the name of someone in your congregation who finds great meaning in serving through one of the ways that are other than yours?  Be prepared to make the contact and ask for their help.  Knowing and appreciating that there is more than one way to connect goes a long way toward helping others build a relationship with your faith family.

Let me encourage you to take a moment to determine your favorite way of interacting with your congregation.  Then, look around, talk with others, and identify those who find one of the other ways best for connecting with the church.  Get to know them and pick up some of their passion.  Carry their names with you and contact them when someone asks you how to get involved through a different connection point.  They will thank you.

And so will God.

See you Sunday if not before.  Call me if you need me.

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